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ShareTheMessage.com was created as a service to provide cost effective Internet services for Christian Churches and Ministries. The idea came from setting up my own church's web site and seeing the response. It was mainly entended to be a resource for the local congregation and to provide a place where new members to the community could be directed to find more information about the church and its ministries. I started recording the church sermons in RealAudio and posting them on the web site. I found that this had a tremendous response. Not only was our own congregation listening to the sermons online, but family and friends from out of town were frequently listening online. Plus, we were getting responses from strangers who had found our site and were listening online. I then realized that these audio sermons being posted online are a poweful ministry and outreach for our church. It provides a way for our members to catch missed sermons. Out of town family and friends of our church are able to share in the weekly messages. Anyone who comes across our site through a search engine or directory listing can now hear the Word of God shared through our online sermons.

I decided to start ShareTheMessage.com to provide similar services to any Church or Ministry whose goal is to spread the Gospel of Christ. If your church already has a web site and/or makes sermons available over the Internet, please feel free to list your site in our Church Directory or add your sermons to our Online Sermon Database. If you would like to expand your church's ministry by starting a web site or making your church sermons available online, please view the Internet Services that may be provided by ShareTheMessage.com.

It is my sincere hope that ShareTheMessage.com will provide a valuable resource to your church or ministry, and will be able to share in your effort to spread the Gospel of Christ to the World.

"For the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword." Hebrews 4:12a
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